Which Photo Booth?

Which Photo Booth…the question we asked ourselves at the start of our Booths4you journey and continue to do so as we expand to two, three and four booths. In this blog we will look at the different photo booths on the market – don’t worry a balanced review will be given.

Traditional Photo Booth Shape: Oval or Square

Booths4you’s preferred option, this style looks like the ones you used to get your passport photos in, you step inside either an oval or square shaped booth, close the curtain and get ready to pose! Inside the majority are free-standing but you can still find some with a seat.

Key features include; a walk-in photo booth easily fitting 6–10 guests where you close the curtain behind you, meaning your guests are more likely to let their inhibitions go and take really funny photos! The booth skin (how it looks externally) can be easily changed so lots of variations to suit your events theme or even to personalise it. The booth is also packed with great features so it’s not all about pictures! They can record videos, GIFs and they even have karaoke that is video recorded to make a music video of all your family and friends! A sturdy structure which looks compact, elegant and fantastic in any space.

Watch out for photo booths with a seat inside, this restricts the number of guests that can fit in your pictures. There are no seats in our booths so don’t worry about that when booking us!

Check out our Photo Booths page and Facebook to see what a traditional photo booth looks like in action.

Inflatable Photo Booth

The inflatable photo booth is similar to the traditional booth as you go inside its structure, which as the name suggests is inflatable, often with LED lighting used to provide a bit of colour. Some will have similar touch screen experiences as the traditional photo booth, however others will have a person standing inside with a camera to take the photo.

Key Features include; similar to the traditional booth in that you are in a structure that can fit lots of people and no one can see inside, so let go and have some fun. A quick to build option.

Watch out for inflatable booths however as they are really big so they require a lot of space, they are also just big inflatables so apart from shining some coloured lights on them, you have a big inflatable which is also not as sturdy or elegant as other options. They also need to be well maintained as the inflatable can be punctured and end up with lots of plasters/stickers covering the holes.

Magic Mirror

The latest addition to the photo booth market, a stand alone full length touch screen mirror that takes a full length picture.

Key Features include; full length pictures taken in front of a touch screen fun mirror. The imagery, animation and sounds from the mirrors are really fun and engaging.

Watch out where the mirror is placed, it is free standing so whatever is in the background behind you is in the background of the picture, including people jumping into the picture as everyone can see what is going on, some people won’t use it for this reason as they will be too shy. Not as many features as a traditional booth, green screen and karaoke for example.

These three options are the photo booth industry standard, although there are other options out there, including converted taxis and camper vans, where they park outside the venue for you to visit throughout the night. Very different and weather permitting an alternative option, but remember this is Scotland!

Finally a tall tower of boxes where a touch screen, the camera and printer are housed. Very similar to the mirror booth, apart from no mirror! Generally a pull-up background is put in place to give a glittery or patterned background to the picture, plus it’s quick and easy to set up.

Booths4you Photo Booths

So far we have opted for the top-of-the-range traditional oval booths as we believe this is how a photo booth is meant to look. The solid structure looks fantastic at any event and has always fitted into any room or space allocated to us. Check out Booths4you’s photo booths here and on Facebook, this will help you to build a better picture of how we can be of assistance. Not forgetting all the other great offering we have: LED dance floors, giant light-up letters and numbers, candy cart and venue dressing.

The ability to change the skin to fit your theme is a major plus; we have black or white gloss skins as well as a matt black. Then we have the ever popular silver hearts for weddings, engagements and anniversary parties. If it’s a little more fun you are looking for, try the VW camper van, red fairground or showbiz skins.

None of our skins have Booths4you branded on them, it’s your wedding, party or event so choose the style you want!

Our photo booths are powered by Apple computers so you receive the best quality and flexibility for your photo templates, add to that the DSLR camera and Dye Sub printer giving you vivid perfect pictures every time! The props are inspected before every event and replacements purchased where items are broken or dirty! We also include the green screen for free and for just a little extra we can include one of our fantastic guest books.

The booth attendants are all great, always looking to have fun with the guests and making sure that all our products look great not just at the start of the night but throughout.

We hope this helps you to make the right choice for your event.