Booths4You, what a first 18 months!

After 17 years in the very male orientated 5-a-side football business, I stepped, sorry leapt into an industry where I had no experience, but what I did have was an idea and a plan. Looking back now it wasn’t that much of a leap as they are both customer facing with the priority around providing a first class service.

In my previous role I ran accounts and events for some of the UK and Europe’s biggest companies around football events, so why couldn’t I transfer these skills to ensuring that the part we play in someone’s special day is best in class.

Booths4You was created; including a website built with my own two hands with nothing more than learnings from YouTube and designing the logo and literature that would support us in our first 12 months. Continue reading “Booths4You, what a first 18 months!”